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Exchange is carried only in accordance with the assigned order number, which to you will provide manager.
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Лучшие курсы обмена валют

About Perfect Money

"Perfect Money" is a great tool for instant transfer of funds. As they say in the slogan of the company - "Absolute perfection in an ideal financial institution." Developers say the system has a perfect security system and is being constantly improved, and the whole system is a "complete service." When you register you must enter minimum personal information, and the registration process is not sofisticated at all. The basic information data are:

  • Name;
  • Country;
  • City;
  • Email address;
  • Zip code.

If you enter false information when registering, you'll inevitably face problems when trying to restore your account if it is lost or compromised. At the time of registration you may choose between different types of account. There are only two: Personal and Business. Personal Account, as has become clear, tailored to individuals and Business Account - for commercial organisations and enterprises. After that, you have only to create a strong password for your account. Within moments, you will receive an email with your personal user ID which must be further used as a username.

There are 3 types of purses within Perfect Money:

  • USD – you may use this to transfer US Dollars;
  • EUR – same for Euro;
  • GOLD – for transferring gold ounces.

The company plans to provide the new type for Swiss Francs (CHF). These three purses are created automatically. In addition to them you always have the option to create a desired number of purses of any type.

When using Perfect Money you may be assigned one of three member status:

  • Normal,
  • Premium,
  • Partner.

The first type of status is assigned to all users after registration. The second type is assigned by user request. The application is considered during the year. The Premium status can be assigned to you after many transfers in the form of huge amounts. Premium Accounts have smaller commission than Normal accounts. The third status (Partner) can only be assigned by the administration by their own volition. It is assigned unilaterally in order to optimize B2B payments.

You can transfer money in two ways. The first option is a one-time regular transfer. The second option is more advanced, and includes the transfer on schedule. This is useful for calculating the salaries of employees on a fixed term.

The minimum amount of transfers within the "Perfect Money" is 0.01 unit of purse of any type.

One of the main distinguishing features of "Perfect Money" is that the account has the properties of a bank account with all consequences. For example, there's an interest rate on the account. It is set to 7% for Normal accounts, whilst Premium and Partner accounts have it even higher.

The interest is calculated for the minimum balance which was constantly present in your account. In addition, there is a referral system, according to which the interest is increased by 1% for the minimum balance of each referral.

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