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History of Perfect Money

One of the ancestors of the payment system "Perfect Money" Andrew Draper planned to create a certain instant money transfer service for a long time. As a member of the board of directors of one of the largest banks in Zurich, Andrew scroll in his head multiple versions of the system. He wanted to create a system that would be widely used in business environments and among ordinary citizens due to its convenience and instant transfers. Typical banking systems were not good enough for Andrew, because they are so conservative, that prevented the transfers to be really fast. Andrew Draper cooperated with the CTO of «Erich Hans», after which they began to write the concept of a new system. They began to develop the idea in 2006. After spending much time in analysis and study of legislation in different jurisdictions, they had one single opinion, it is best to register this type of activity in Panama, enjoying its liberal legislation in the field of Internet business. Through registration in Panama, "Perfect Money" said that none of their users will not be blocked or deleted. The only reason for the lock or remove a user is a court order of Panama. The very same company headquarters, where it is all operational activity, is based in Zurich.

Once started, "Perfect Money" seriously consider a long way. They planned to occupy a leading position in the international market. Indeed, the company has achieved considerable success in the industry. Today it is has lots of users.

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